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Adoption may be an excellent option for you and your baby when you find yourself financially, emotionally or otherwise unable to parent. Choosing adoption is a difficult decision. We are here to help you determine if adoption is the right choice for you.

Why would I consider Adoption?

  1. I want more for my baby than I can give him right now.
  2. I am a good parent but don't know how I am going to manage.
  3. I would do anything to give my child a good life but I have things to accomplish before I am ready to be a parent.

If any of these statements describe how you are feeling, adoption is a parenting choice to consider. Adoption has changed. You have choices. We can help you make the adoption plan you envision. Let's talk.

Post Adoption: Birth Mom's Support

Adoption is a loving parenting choice. It also involves a grief journey. Have you made that choice? Are you thinking about making that choice? The Pregnancy Care Centre offers on-going support for the birth family; a safe place to process, grieve, meet others who have "been there." Groups and individual support offered.

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